Refer and earn with IberianTax’s Referral Scheme!

December 14, 2023

Refer and earn with IberianTax’s Referral Scheme!

Here at IberianTax, we understand that saving money on your non-resident taxes is important. Spending hundreds of euros on accountancy fees to submit the Modelo 210 form is a costly undertaking, especially given the current climate.

But thanks to our simple online tax software, we’ve managed to save our clients hundreds of euros on their non-resident tax returns each year, leaving them with more money to enjoy their holiday homes in the sun.

To say thank you for using IberianTax, we’ve created a Referral Scheme, designed to reward you for spreading the word about our hassle-free tax services, as well as saving you even more money! Here are a few reasons why you should get on board and start referring your friends to IberianTax today!


How It Works

It's simple: share the love for stress-free tax filing, and both you and your friends will benefit! When you refer a friend to IberianTax via your unique referral link, they receive a generous 10% discount on their first tax submission. As a thank you for spreading the word, we’ll then reward you with a 10€ credit for each friend who signs up and submits their Modelo 210 with us. The more friends you refer, the more credit you accumulate towards your next tax return. It’s a win-win situation!


Easy as 1-2-3

Share Your Unique Referral Link: Log in to your IberianTax account, grab your unique referral link in the ‘Referral’ section of your account, and then simply share it with friends, family, and neighbours. Whether it's over a coffee, through social media, or in your local community, spreading the word has never been easier.

Friends Enjoy a Discount: Your friends, upon using your referral link to create an account, receive an exclusive 10% discount on their first tax return. It's a warm welcome to stress-free tax filing with IberianTax!

You Earn 10€ Credit: When your referred friends make a purchase, you earn 10€ credit towards your next return. There's no cap on the number of friends you can refer, so you can keep referring friends to your heart's content!


Why Participate?

1. Save More on Your Taxes

Your friends will benefit from a discount on their tax services, making it more enticing for them to experience the convenience of IberianTax, versus signing up alone.

2. Earn Credits for Each Referra

The more friends you refer, the more credits you accumulate. These credits can be applied to your future tax filings, giving you additional savings.

3. Build a Community of Savvy Savers

By sharing the benefits of IberianTax, you're contributing to a community of savvy individuals who appreciate smart savings!

4. It’s Effortless

There are no complex procedures here! All you need to do is simply share your unique link, and the system takes care of the rest. Effortless savings and earnings.



Q: Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer?

A: Nope! You can refer as many friends as you like and watch your credits grow.

Q: How can I track my referrals and credits?

A: Log in to your IberianTax account, and you’ll find a dedicated area to track your referrals and earned credits.

Q: Can I use my credits whenever I want?

A: Yes, your credits are flexible and can be applied to any of your future filings.


Start Referring Today!

Ready to unlock savings and share the joy of stress-free tax filing? Log in to your IberianTax account, grab your unique referral link, and start referring your friends to IberianTax today. It’s a simple way to make your non-resident taxes more rewarding for you and your friends.


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