IberianTax finalist at VII Venture on the Road

February 17, 2024

IberianTax finalist at VII Venture on the Road

We are thrilled to announce that IberianTax was selected as one of the finalists to participate in the 7th edition of Venture on the Road, a prestigious event dedicated to showcasing innovative startups across Spain. This particular stop took place in the beautiful city of Palma de Mallorca on February 15th, marking an important occasion for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Held at the headquarters of HotelBeds, one of our esteemed local partners, this edition of Venture on the Road in Palma was a collaborative effort with Emprenbit and HotelBeds. These partners played a crucial role in the identification and selection of projects that promise to make significant impacts in their respective industries.

The event kicked off with an insightful introduction by the organizers from SeedRocket, BStartup, and Wayra. They shared the vision behind Venture on the Road, highlighting its commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem and encouraging investment at both local and national levels.

Toni Carmona, the Regional Secretary-General for Innovation of the Balearic Government, representing Emprenbit, delivered an inspiring speech. He commended the courage of entrepreneurs and encouraged them to continue on their path of innovation and growth. José María Pestaña, Chief of Innovation & Public Affairs Officer at HotelBeds, then discussed the company's efforts to boost the regional ecosystem through the TravelTech Lab Palma Hub.

The presentations from the selected startups were the highlight of the event, with IberianTax taking the stage to showcase our innovative tax filing software designed for non-resident property owners in Spain. Our participation underscores our commitment to simplifying tax compliance and providing exceptional service to our clients.

Following IberianTax, other startups presented their groundbreaking solutions, including Ecologi with their real-time food product traceability system and Hydrostat with their water status monitoring sensors for crops, demonstrating the diverse and innovative spirit of the entrepreneurial community in Spain.

The event also featured a keynote by Javier Darriba on the intricacies of investing in SaaS companies, offering valuable insights from his extensive experience as both an entrepreneur and investor. His presentation sparked great interest among the audience, shedding light on important considerations for potential investors in the SaaS sector.

After the presentations and the keynote, the jury, comprising esteemed members from BStartup, Wayra, Emprenbit, HotelBeds, and SeedRocket, provided personalized feedback to each project. This invaluable advice is a testament to the supportive nature of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain.

The day concluded with the announcement of Hydrostat as the winning startup of this Palma stop of the Venture on the Road. The event closed on a high note with a networking session, allowing participants to connect and share ideas.

At IberianTax, we are honored to have been part of such a significant event and to stand alongside other innovative startups. We extend our gratitude to the organizers, partners, and fellow participants for making this an unforgettable experience. We look forward to continuing our journey, contributing to the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape in Spain and showcasing our innovative tax filing software for Spain's non-resident property owners.

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