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Filing your non-resident tax (Modelo 210) in Spain has never been so easy.

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Register and start right away. File your form within minutes.


Questionnaire with simple information texts, easy data entry and step-by-step guide available. You don’t need any tax knowledge to use IberianTax.


Cheaper than any Tax Consultant or “Gestoría”. Using a registered tax advisor usually costs 120 euros per form or more. Spend your money on “tapas” not on fees.

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Up to 3 payment methods available at your convenience. No need to leave home to pay Form 210. We make it 100% online for you.


Developed by tax experts with years of experience filing Form 210 and providing tax services to non-residents in Spain. Our tax tool is up to date and correct under tax law.


We use data encryption to ensure the highest level of security. All of your private information is securely saved and we also offer secure payment options.

Begin filing your Spanish non-resident tax. You pay at the end, only when you’re satisfied.

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All prices are inclusive of VAT. Pay only when you file. No subscription costs or hidden fees. Prices are progressively reduced when there is more than one owner.

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Use of the tax tool
Tax calculation
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Imputed Income


Per owner

Easy and simplified questionnaire
Tax calculation
Submission of Form 210 directly to the AEAT
Up to 3 payment options available
Customer support in English
Continue working from the last time
2 owners for 59,95€

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Rental Income


Per owner

Easy and simplified questionnaire
Tax calculation
Submission of Form 210 directly to the AEAT
Up to 3 payment options available
Customer support in English
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2 owners for 79,95€

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User Reviews

Here’s what current users are saying about IberianTax

As a property owner non resident of Spain , I utilised iberianTax software to complete my taxes and the service is 1st class. Highly Recommend. Ohh do...

Jason C.

I found IberianTax to be friendly, professional and highly supportive, with quick and detailed responses to questions I asked. I would definitely reco...

Matthew S.

IberianTax is cost effective and they provided me with a very fast efficient service. Thanks Iberian.

Brian M.

We experienced an excellent service, great savings and a streamlined process to file our tax returns.

Neville B.

I am very grateful for the help and service I have received from the people at Iberian Tax. I would highly recommend them and they have good prices.

Grete R.

Very professional service and approach. They do take that extra step towards your needs. Prompt response makes your questions answered within minutes....

Oleg T.

Very easy to use service, helpful support for the questions i had. Will use again next year. Recommended.

Rob W.

One of the best platforms to DIY your Spanish taxes. I used to pay double for a service that can be done in just a few minutes. And the consultants ar...

Florian P.

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Trust that your non-resident taxes are accurate

Verification of the entries

All data is checked for correctness and completeness according to Form 210 valid format. You will no longer omit mandatory information and all data will be entered into the correct fields.

Online tax calculation

Your tax liability is calculated automatically in accordance with the Spanish Tax Law in force. You can see your expected tax bill for free and before filing your non-resident tax return.

Automatically save progress

Complete your non-resident taxes at your own pace. We'll automatically save your progress, allowing you to continue where you left off until the return is completed.

Tax office collaborator

IberianTax has been certified by the Agencia Tributaria as a collaborator so that we are authorized to submit your non-resident taxes to the tax office.

Spanish non-resident tax on property Modelo 210

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some other questions, please contact us.

Am I resident or non-resident?

In general terms, if you spend less than 183 days in the Spanish territory during a calendar year you are non-resident in Spain for tax purposes.

Do I have to pay tax on my Spanish property?

Yes, you do. You can pay either on the profit you make from renting out the property or on the imputed or deemed income for having the property at your disposal.

How much is non-resident tax in Spain?

Non-residents are subject to a general flat rate of 24%. However, a 19% flat rate applies for tax residents in EU member states, Norway and Iceland.

Can I pay my non-resident tax online?

Yes, IberianTax offers two different payment options in order to pay and e-file your Form 210. No need to leave home to pay your Spanish taxes.

Is my personal data secure with IberianTax?

Definitely! We take the protection of your data very seriously. Your personal data is stored and used in a secure way. We collect only what we need to prepare your tax returns. We will never sell your data or use it for a purpose different from filing your tax.

What do I need to get started?

Getting started with IberianTax is easy. All you need is your email address to create an account. Once you’ve done that, you can start filing your non-resident tax by completing our simple questionnaire.

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